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50th reunion sparks matching gift pledge

The Chancellor’s Challenge calls on Class of 1968 to donate

November 20, 2018

Accomplishing a goal is easier when you work together. It was that collaborative way of thinking that led Acadia Chancellor Bruce Galloway (’68) to personally offer up to $25,000 in matching dollars to his classmates for donations they make before the year ends.

It was this summer’s 50th reunion celebration that inspired Galloway. When the class meeting revealed the financial statement for the class endowment (created by donations from 1968 alumni), Galloway wanted to strengthen alumni support and improve the impact of the gifts.

Please join me and help set an example for all of our fellow 1968 graduates.”

“The numbers were disappointing, especially considering all that our years at Acadia have done to have a positive impact on all of our lives,” he said. “We discussed the importance of alumni support to Acadia, and since I am a proud member of our Class and have been honoured to represent Acadia as Chancellor, I have offered this challenge to encourage all of my 1968 classmates to consider joining with me to support our alma mater in a meaningful way.”

Galloway is asking all his 1968 classmates to donate to Acadia through the Chancellor’s Challenge. Up to $25,000 will be matched by Galloway personally to help boost the class giving participation rate.

“This is a generous and creative way to encourage others to donate,” said Nancy Handrigan, Acadia’s Executive Director of Philanthropy. “By simply donating by December 31, our 1968 graduates can effectively double their gift to the University and become a part of our Campaign for Acadia.”

To donate to Acadia and qualify for matching dollars, Class of 1968 members can visit Chancellor’s Challenge to donate online. Gifts can also be directed to an area of choice, or to the Class Fund.

To learn more about the most ambitious fundraiser in Acadia’s history, visit the Campaign for Acadia website.

Update! March 18, 2019

This generous matching fund opportunity is extending through 2019! Donate today!