Acadia thanks donors on National Philanthropy Day

November 15, 2018

Thursday, November 15, 2018, is National Philanthropy Day, a special day to pay tribute to the impact philanthropy has on our lives and in our communities.

Acadia University would like to thank our donors for opening doors to innovative learning opportunities and providing exceptional support to our students.

In the last year, our donors invested $7.9 million in Acadia University students, faculty, and campus infrastructure. This generous and thoughtful giving helps to attract top students and faculty to our community, enhances our educational and experiential opportunities, and improves programs and events that promote our students’ health and wellbeing.

“National Philanthropy Day is a perfect time to celebrate the work of individuals, corporations, and community organizations who give, volunteer, and advocate for our students,” says Nancy Handrigan, Executive Director, Philanthropy. “Their generosity serves as both motivation and inspiration, helping our students develop their leadership.”

Recently, Acadia opened the doors of a renewed Science Complex and celebrated the creation of the David Huestis Innovation Pavilion. The pavilion will help Acadia advance its applied research strength in two priority sectors – agriculture and beverage – and expand technology transfer and commercialization activities.

Huestis Innovation Pavilion

The University also publicly-launched Campaign for Acadia. With an ambitious goal of $75-million, it marks the most ambitious fundraiser in Acadia’s 180-year history. Campaign for Acadia will fund vital programs and priorities across Acadia’s faculties and campaign themes: Transform, Inspire, Discover, and Build. Already, Campaign for Acadia has raised $40 million in gifts and more than $10 million in future commitments.

“Every aspect of this campaign will benefit students,” said George Philp, president, Acadia Students’ Union. “On behalf of our student body, I want to express our gratitude to those who join Campaign for Acadia. You are making an important investment in our future.”

To learn more about the difference donors have made in the lives of our students, we invite you to read our recent Report to Donors and visit