Rotary Club $110,000 gift will support future Acadia students

June 11, 2018

Future Acadia students will be the “winners” of Toonie Toss fundraising proceeds thanks to the Rotary Club of Wolfville-Mud Creek, which created a new financial award to help local high school graduates attend Acadia University.

The Rotary Club donated $110,000 to fund the Mud Creek Rotary Acadia Entrance Awards. Each year in perpetuity, a $1,000 bursary toward Acadia tuition will be awarded to a graduating student from each of the following Valley schools: Central Kings Rural High School, Horton High School, Northeast Kings Education Centre, and West Kings District High School.

“By creating bursaries at Acadia for local students, now and into the future, we are re-investing in our community to make an enduring difference – in fact, we feel a duty to do so,” explains Tom Herman, president of the Rotary Club of Wolfville-Mud Creek.

Acadia Executive Director of Philanthropy Nancy Handrigan ('92) accepts the gift agreement with the Rotary Club of Wolfville-Mud Creek President Tom Herman. 

“The creation of these awards is an embodiment of our vision of an equitable, respectful, and sustainable world and our mission to change lives locally and globally through sustainable service,” he says.

The endowed award will bolster Acadia’s ability to support students financially. Each year, the University provides more than $4.8 million in scholarships, bursaries, and awards to its undergraduate students.

The Rotary Club was able to fund the Mud Creek Rotary Acadia Entrance Awards by using proceeds from its signature fundraiser, the Toonie Toss, which is a weekly 50/50 draw. Herman says that as much as Toonie Toss players play to win, they also participate in helping their community.

“In that light, we see ourselves as stewards of precious resources that ultimately derive from the community,” he says. With players from across Kings County, the Rotary Club created awards for students from each of its high schools.

“It is gratifying to have members of our community supporting local students as they pursue their higher education aspirations,” says Nancy Handrigan, executive director of Philanthropy at Acadia University. “We are honoured and thankful for this gift because we know it will help our students achieve their educational goals.”

The recipients of the new awards will be announced at each of the high school graduation ceremonies this June.

For more information about the Rotary Club of Wolfville-Mud Creek, visit its website.

To create a named award

Named student awards can be created at Acadia University for less than $100 a month, making an incredible impact on our students. To discuss your options, please contact Executive Director of Philanthropy Nancy Handrigan (’92) at 902-585-1042 or