Clive Anderson (’89) | Unwavering commitment to the Acadia family

May 25, 2020

Clive AndersonClive Vincent Anderson (’89)  has been a leader most of his life. As a student at Acadia, he captained the basketball team and tutored other students in French and Spanish. The year he graduated, with combined French Literature from Acadia and Université d’Aix-en-Provence, France, he was named Student of the Year. His many academic awards include the George Wilbert Cox Medal, University Medal, French Embassy Award, and University Scholar Award.

In addition to many fond memories of Acadia, Anderson retains a strong connection to the University. “Acadia for me became an opportunity to see and experience the world from home,” he says. “In no time at all, the Acadia family, which includes the entire Wolfville community, became an extension of home with a familiar sense of belonging, acceptance and unwavering support that could only come from family. It is a family I have cherished over the years from the days spent in classrooms, gymnasiums, bleacher stands and the community. It is a family I continue to cherish with the attendance of our sons and our involvement in Acadia life.”

Sons Ethan and Cameron both enrolled at Acadia following high school in Singapore. Beyond encouraging his sons to become part of the Acadia family, Anderson has involved himself in Acadia life by serving on the board of the Acadia Alumni Association and maintaining an unwavering commitment to giving back.

“It is my fundamental belief that as you are blessed, you should also be a blessing,” Anderson says. “I had more than my fair share of assistance at Acadia, and it was easy to say yes when asked. It is a wonderful feeling to be helpful in any way.”

Acadia is a small place that allowed each of us to dream big with the knowledge that, no matter how big those dreams were, we would be equipped on departure to attain them.”

A graduate of Osgoode Hall Law School, Toronto, Anderson is a member of the Law Society of Upper Canada. After a career with Canada Life Assurance and then Manulife Financial, he now works in Singapore as Group Senior Regional Counsel, AIA Group Limited, a Pan-Asian life insurance company. There he provides leadership support to business and legal functions in various Asia Pacific countries as well as advisory for mergers and acquisitions, distribution transactions, intellectual property and information technology, and tax and asset management.

Life in Singapore, a cosmopolitan hub of finance and technology whose population is nearing six million, might be expected to dim a person’s memories of Acadia, but for Anderson those memories are still fresh.

“Acadia is a small place that allowed each of us to dream big with the knowledge that no matter how big those dreams were, we would be equipped on departure to attain them,” he says. “You can dream big when you are surrounded by people who want to see you succeed and who will do everything they can to help you make that happen. It is easy to want to be a part of that story for the generations to come.”